Opportunity Management

A Proven Approach for Improving Effectiveness

Managing complex opportunities has never been so easy

The bigger the opportunity, the more complicated it gets. Bigger opportunities involve more stakeholders, competitors, time, team selling, and costs. The only thing that normally doesn't increase is predictability. To make matters worse, getting sellers to follow a process and keep Salesforce.com up to date can leave even the most experienced Sales Leaders frazzled. 

It doesn't have to be that way. Getting better at winning larger and more complicated opportunities can be a significant challenge, unless... you have a proven model for managing complex opportunities.  

With the AXIOM solution

  • You start with a common methodology for engaging customers and the dialog remains consistent from Business Development Reps to Sales Executives working on complex global opportunities.

  • Our 9 Information Objectives guide sellers, managers and team members through a proven process to identify and understand the key customer issues necessary to develop a winning strategy.

  • The system automatically creates Danger Zones to guard against missing information or at risk opportunities.

  • An algorithm auto generates an objective calculation to take the guesswork out of forecasting the Win Probability for each opportunity.

  • Each opportunity displays insights from other related opportunities to help sales teams utilize relevant information and minimize data entry.

  • The Coaching Wizard helps Sales Manager diagnose potential problems and assign micro learning assets to reinforce the skills needed to work the opportunity.

  • In-Line refresher learning provides salespeople with access to learning assets on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Turn Salesforce.com into a system that drives winning deals and continuous improvement 

Information defines opportunity. We help you identify and use the right information to craft a winning strategy. With In-Line Learning Assets and a Coaching Wizard designed into the system every team member has the ability to learn and improve their skills while they are working. With Axiom you get a consistent, repeatable and scalable process that produces winning results.


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