Account Planning & Management

The Key to Managing Strategic Accounts

Insight and Visibility for even the most complex accounts

Developing a plan for managing key accounts is a challenge, unless... you have a common model for effective account management. Most plans are created in Word documents or Powerpoint presentations, which makes it difficult to track progress, evaluate metrics and ensure the plan is actually working. Instead of having a plan that sits on a bookshelf most of the year, use AXIOM to do the heavy lifting for you!

With the AXIOM Solution

  • Implement a common methodology for working strategic accounts

  • Embed relevant micro learning assets into the account management framework within

  • Review Account Health Scores to easily track where you are compared to where want the account to be.

  • Key accounts teams decide on common areas for improvement and can compare the their plan to other similar successful accounts.

  • Build a SWOT analysis that connects account objectives and activities to help you track how key Account Health Scores change over time

  • Gain real time visibility into the account pipeline. Whether you have a single account in a single location or a global family of related accounts, all opportunities and strategic initiatives are automatically associated with the account plan.

  • The system seamlessly gathers information about important relationships and key business issues within each account.

  • Keep your global account team aligned and communicate priority business issues to address opportunities and take action.

Account Planning and Management promotes more effective key account relationships by giving sales teams a more holistic view of what’s happening within the account and provides a proactive means of ensuring the plan is actually on plan.


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