The Guide to Sales Transformation

The Guide to Sales Transformation

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Economic uncertainty, the proliferation of technology, increased competition, lower margins, more informed buyers and increased market pressure for sales growth have forced business management to rethink the way they sell their products and services. “Sales Transformation” has become the catch phrase for virtually every C-level executive in the race to find answers to questions about sales and earnings growth, positioning and differentiation; even survival.  


A new and different sales process may be necessary, but transformation of a sales organization only happens when we change the behaviors of the sales people in it. Ever tried to change the day-to-day behaviors of sales people? If so, you probably know herding cats is a breeze in comparison. As a result, companies invest millions in CRM, SFA, sales training initiatives and marketing materials and get lower than expected return because none of these expenditures necessarily result in true behavioral change in their sales organization. No behavioral change, no improvement in sales performance, no sales transformation.


This paper serves as a guide for companies considering major initiatives to improve the success and effectiveness of their sales organizations.

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