The Axiom Model

Amazing things happen when everything is designed to work together

Finally, a better approach to developing your people and improving your performance is here.

By integrating models for your most important selling behaviors with applications that support the execution of these behaviors, you have total alignment between your CRM and your selling efforts. By embedding learning into these same applications your people can get better while they work, week in and week out. And, by partnering closely with your AXIOM sales success director you get all the assistance you need whenever you need it. Everything you need, designed from the ground up to work together. That’s a radically better approach that delivers dramatically better performance.

Selling and coaching execution doesn’t have to be theory or some sort of black art. Your entire team can follow consistent models for key behaviors AND be unique individuals at the same time. Our models for selling and coaching are based on decades of deep engagement with our clients and relevant adult learning science. These models cover all the key behaviors your team must master in order to realize their full potential including:

  • Communicating with customers from prospecting to qualifying to presenting and negotiating
  • Managing complex opportunities to build and execute winning strategies
  • Developing and executing key account plans that strengthen and expand your most important relationships
  • Coaching and developing your sales people so that they become your most important and sustainable competitive advantage

These models are logical, repeatable and everyone on your team will agree, they represent the ideal approach for their most important behaviors. Because your people will have a deep belief in the value of these models, they will actually want to get better at them. Whether you have a highly transactional direct sales approach or very complex distribution selling environment, we have a model to help your team better serve your prospects and customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Sales teams need easy to use applications to support and execute the behavior model. Today’s CRM solutions are generally used for funnel tracking and rarely, if ever, actually help salespeople execute on the behavior models that drive success.

Our applications are specifically designed to support our behavior models. We transform the CRM into a sales effectiveness solution to improve the way salespeople...

  • Manage new opportunities
  • Develop and execute account plans
  • Follow through on sales coaching

Our applications help salespeople learn the model AND execute new skills. Sales leaders gain valuable insight into which team members are learning and adopting expected behaviors. We make it easy for Managers to coach team members through obstacles that prevent salespeople from executing effectively.

In-Line Learning assets support reinforcement and continuous improvement. The traditional model for sales training – two to three-day classroom events – is ineffective at enabling sellers to become proficient over time. There’s too much to learn, and too little time. That’s why micro learning assets are designed into our applications in

Now, sellers can learn while they work and have access to refresher content anywhere, anytime on any device. This is key to improving adoption and proficiency. Our applications...

  • Trigger the need for learning
  • Deliver the appropriate learning on time and in context
  • Track learning completion and impact
  • Support custom content for your training material

Sellers and managers consume the learning via the same tools they use to execute the behaviors. This “in-line” approach to learning ensures it is more targeted and more effective. The result is long-term learning retention and consistent improvement over time.

What if you could get the help you need, when you need it, without worrying about running up a tab for consulting with every call? Our focus is on helping you sell more effectively, not just ensuring that you’re happy and that your people are using our solution. We measure our success by your success.

Are your team’s skills improving?

Are you coaching more effectively?

Are you selling more?

We set a really high bar for success. We’re not happy until your customers and prospects experience the difference and applaud your results.

No matter how effective the behavior model, applications, tools or online learning, every organization faces its own set of challenges. Our dedicated Sales Success Team will…

  • Help implement the program
  • Drive the expected behaviors
  • Deliver the desired business impact

Our customers rely on AXIOM Sales Success Teams to provide expertise in the model, support the change management process, and identify ongoing opportunities for improvement.


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